Kantara Souffrant is a first-generation Haitian-American artist-scholar. She is a visual-storyteller who uses sculptures, voice, poetry and movement to weave her performances. Her approach to art creation is informed by her studies of African Diasporic faith and spiritual practices in which spiritual/ritual practices, performance, art creation, and communal transformation are inseparable. She has shared her artistic and scholarly work at numerous venues including: The Caribbean Cultural Center and African Diasporic Institute (CCCADI), New York University, Judson Church, praxis place(Chicago), Northwestern University, Fisher Gallery (Oberlin, OH), and The University of York.

Kantara approaches her community work through this integration of ritual, art education, and the Spirit. She is a teaching artist in Chicagoland and has worked with students of all ages. Kantara is a trained doula and volunteers her services to support those in need, with an emphasis on women of color, queer people, and low-income families. Lastly,  Kantara is a working spiritualist, reader, and yogi training to be a certified Forrest Yoga instructor. Through the integration of the body, spirit, and heart, Kantara hopes to add to the pursuit of social justice, education, and cultivating spaces where people can value their power and purpose.

When she is not making art and supporting others Kantara remembers that she’s a PhD student in Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Her dissertation examines the effects of the January 10, 2010 earthquake on feminist and queer art and performance in the Haitian Diaspora.

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